Dear Mother...

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This week, as we draw closer to Mother’s Day, allow me to draw your attention to a personal story as shared by our Aries Gold founder CK Woo, during a boardroom meeting last week. What I had initially presumed to be a bonus distribution session for my hard work over the past year, actually had me shedding a tear (stealthily, I may add) at the end of it.

It all started when a colleague casually brought in a home-packed lunch, which we found out was prepared by his mother. Naturally, the mama’s boy jokes came fast and furious, until the man himself, CK Woo, politely interjected. “Young folks, this just shows how much mothers love their children. Let me share a story with you…”

CK Woo’s mother was originally from a poor family in China before settling in Singapore, and she never got to enjoy the kind of childhood luxuries most of us do. Even having a decent meal on the table was something to celebrate. She didn’t even have the freedom to choose the man she wanted to be with for the rest of her life, as her parents were forced to sell her off as part of a pre-arranged marriage, out of financial struggle.

Marriage life, much like her childhood, was one filled with hardship. Her days were spent on manual labour and menial chores around the house, till her hands were filled with multiple calluses. To make matters worse, his father was an alcoholic and practically lazed his hours away. The whole family was actually dependent on one single lady, washing clothing just to earn a paltry $2 each month.

After scrimping and saving whatever she could, CK Woo’s mother actually devoted her full support to give him a shot at the career he wanted. She made him promise to work hard and do well in his chosen field of work, and never once hesitated when passing him her life savings, as well as selling the family home to fund his dream. Just a few years of success in his newfound career though, his mother passed away due to sickness. Till this day, CK Woo regrets not being able to provide his mother with the good life she deserved, as she was taken away so early from him.

At the end of his story, I realised how true it is that mothers will always sacrifice whatever they can for us children, and that we should reward our mothers while we still have a chance. I, for one, would like to offer a tribute to my own mother this Mother’s Day with a handwritten card, something I haven’t done as a kid. For all Aries Gold fans out there though, feel free to drop by any H2 Hub outlet to pick out a special timepiece for mummy dearest – because a mother’s love is the greatest of all.


-The Watchman