Leatherworking Excellence: Perfect Tan Upon Ten

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In addition to premium, handcrafted automatic movements, the leather we use is also borne of the finest ilk, produced in a specialized tannery originating from the renowned leatherworking city of Hessen, Germany. Our German-formulated leather undergoes an exacting production process, with every stage – including curing, liming, and bating – subject to the highest quality standards and attention to detail. An emphasis on hand stitching is also enforced, as we eschew the less refined and more commercially widespread practice of machine-cut automation.

Leatherworkers with more than 10 years of industry experience are responsible for the bespoke hand stitching process, ensuring that our legacy of well-made leather lives on, through the immeasurable pride in their craft. Apart from artisanal expertise, our leather product development arm also creates new leather variants via lab-based testing, aiding the evolution of fashion trends – evidenced by the innovative use of Mongolian horse leather in our Hellcat series, and lambskin for the Gauntlet Vintage edition. By staying one step ahead of the scene, we help make your Aries Gold timepiece stay one class above.

-The Watchman