Masters of Rock Meet Masters of Watchmaking

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After our successful collaboration with Foo Fighters last year, which resulted in yet another sold-out exclusive release, Aries Gold gained more awareness within the music community. And as our luck would have it, we were approached by the agent of rock legends Aerosmith to team up for this year’s limited edition launch  (Bad Boys of Boston) timepiece.

 For a home-grown Singaporean watchmaker, we’ve taken huge strides to be where we are today. Beginning with founder CK Woo’s dedication to his craft, to our current team’s focus on global expansion and marketing, it has always been in our DNA to go the distance – to create timepieces that inspire generations.

This time round has been no different, as our Aerosmith collaborators trusted us to deliver a product based on aesthetic and functional quality. The truth of the matter is, it’s not always about money, as partner fees and royalties alone can’t force others to collaborate with us. The key to our successful collaboration is combining the best facets of art and watchmaking – something that our Aries Gold staff lives and breathes by.

That’s how we incorporated the Aerosmith band logo into the watch dial, creating a striking first impression that’s easily distinguished from others. Moreover, the overall packaging design includes a free passport holder that serves as a “passport to rock”, showcasing both the owner’s and its own undoubted rock and roll spirit. The limited production run has also contributed to the Aerosmith X Aries Gold Limited Edition watch desirability.

What we’ve done this time round in terms of marketing is also a company-first: injecting the element of graffiti art to the whole messaging, because well, “Bad is Good”. Shooting a watch promotion video with a local graffiti artist culminated in a 6m squared wall of Aerosmith x Aries Gold wall art that provides a rallying cry for people to go against convention… to do what’s seen as bad or taboo and turn it into something positive and inspiring like music.

In so keeping with this gung-ho attitude of rock, we’ve managed to get Aerosmith on board as collaborators. The only question now is: who’s gutsy enough to strap on one of these bad boys? Limited pieces are left, so you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to getting your hand on this amazing collectible. Rock on, everyone!