Stylish, Sporty, Love

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Stylish, Sporty, Love

This February, it’s time we talk about something elusive that many yearn for, but may never truly experience. No, I’m not talking about the CNY S$10m Toto jackpot – what I have in mind is that crazy little thing called love. After all, it’s the season where Cupid emerges to fire imaginary arrows at lovelorn hearts everywhere, and rose prices are jacked up to extortionate levels. Mind you, that’s even before the additional GST kicks in!

So with Valentine’s Day making its annual return, surely the thought of pampering your loved one (and yourself) has presented itself? I’m sure that some of you Aries Gold fans have already planned romantic staycations or a sumptuous buffet at one of the fancy hotels. On that note, those who like a dose of Singaporean noire would appreciate a night at Warehouse Hotel, while the shopaholics would do well with a stay at Orchard Hotel – Club Suite, no less. And what better way to cap it all off than with a pair of Aries Gold couple timepieces?

Listed below are our best-selling couple timepieces, now available online or at your nearest H2 Hub outlet in Singapore:


Aries Gold Eternal

As the name rightfully implies, love is eternal, and so is the style on show here.

Aries Gold Energy

Simple and classy, the Energy pulsates with the beat of romance.

Aries Gold Contender

Built for the couple that challenges boundaries and the conventional, the Contender is sure to win hearts.

-The Watchman