You've got to lose to know how to Win

“Don't the best of them bleed it out, while the rest of them peter out. Truth or consequence, say it aloud. Use that evidence, race it around…” With these lyrics, gave rise to one of the Foo Fighters’ biggest hits, My Hero. And in this limited edition Foo Fighters x AG suitably christened as the Hero, exists a complementary masterpiece for the ages, available in three distinctive casing colours of silver, black and rose gold denoting past, present and future. Because heroes live beyond history and the now to continually create and inspire.


Externally, the timepiece’s stainless steel casing evokes a sense of dynamism, blending curved lines with angular brushed metal strokes. Within it, however, is where the true magic happens. The intricate dial, featuring a steam punk mechanical aesthetic, has been painstakingly crafted to resemble part of the unerringly accurate Japanese automatic movement. A genuine leather strap adds a hint of maturity, as an exclusive box packaging layers on further refinement for the Hero – a singular legend bearing the marks of a vintage.