The Aries Gold of today, is an evolution of the dream, melding the traditional practices and mastery of old with modern production and manufacturing techniques today

Our Journey

Aries Gold began as a dream of our founder, CK Woo in 1970. Having been exposed to the world of watchmaking at a very young age, he dedicated most of his life, mastering the arts of watchmaking.

A testament of our journey, having sold thousands of timepieces to satisfied collectors and customers alike from over 35 countries. Our journey to bring the best of mechanical watchmaking to you is never ending.

Our Mission

Bringing the art of mechanical watch making to the modern world


At Aries Gold, we pride ourselves in the manufacturing of mechanical timepieces, celebrating the art of mechanical watchmaking, and bringing it to the modern world. Since our inception in 1970, our designs and manufacturing have all been done exclusively in-house, and we like to keep it that way.


Water Resistance

Each case is placed in a water chamber, half filled with air. Based on the watch’s specifications, the chamber is then pressurized to ensure that the watch is capable of retaining its water resistance under pressure. It goes without saying, that our dive watches, are more than comfortable under these tests.

Movement Accuracy Test

Before each movement is cased, they are tested under various scenarios and environments to ensure its accuracy, reliability and consistency under the harshest of environments. The movements are tested in 5 positions under temperatures alternating from 23deg. C to 8deg. C and 38deg. C. Only the most consistent of movements are then cased into each watch.


Torsion Testing

Like our cases and movements, each strap is put through a test of its own to ensure its longevity and durability. A torsion test is performed on each one, rotating and twisting the strap repeatedly up to 180 degrees. No cracks or tears should appear, and straps that show signs of strain or wear after the test are rejected and disposed of.


Material Control

Making the best watches, requires the best materials, and that is where we start from. From 316L stainless steel, to AR coated sapphire crystals and top grain leather, each watch is crafted from nothing less than the finest materials available.


The Aries Gold Promise

Each timepiece is put through rigorous testing and control before they’re allowed to leave the workshops. Only the best is let out into the wild, and on to your wrist; That is our promise to you. Should you find your timepiece in unsatisfactory condition or with any possible defects, do send it back to us and we will take care of it for you.