Watch Care Tips


Many customers buy their Aries Gold watches to celebration special occasions which might attach sentimental values or emotions to the watch they own and many of them are afraid that they will not have the right knowledge to take care of our watches. However, taking care of your Aries Gold watch can be easier than you think. Aries Gold watches are built to last and can last a really long time if it is taken care of properly to keep it well-maintained.

  1. Clean your watch often (probably once a week) with a soft cloth. If you want you can also use some warm water and soap for a more thorough cleaning process. Some parts of the bracelet and the case might not be reachable and you might need a brush to clean these areas, if not you might need to remove the leather strap or the metal bracelet to clean it more effectively.

  2. Servicing your Aries Gold watch regularly if it is an automatic watch is also very important. We recommend you to service your Aries Gold automatic watch every 2 years and your Aries Gold quartz watch every 3 years. Each time you bring it in for servicing, we will extend the warranty by another 1 year from the date of the servicing.

  3. You should keep your Aries Gold watch away from magnets or electronics or items that either emit magnetic waves or have magnetic properties, this is because it might negatively affect the timekeeping properties of your Aries Gold watch.

  4. Buy a collector’s watch box if you have more than 2 watches. Keep your watch in a box when it is not worn can prevent accidental damage to the crystal or case caused by a drop from low heights.

  5. Keep your watch away from direct sunlight if possible as heat will weaken the battery life for Quartz watches and that sunlight can also break down the color plating of any plated watch.

  6. Avoid contact with salt water, chemicals, moisturizers, industrial or strong cleaning chemicals and perfumes, as all these agents will break down the metal or leather bracelet of a watch. If you need to apply moisturizers or perfume, let it dry completely before putting on your Aries Gold watch.

  7. Lastly, never try to open your watch by yourself, leave this task to a watchmaker who have the professional expertise to service or repair your Aries Gold watch effectively. Read the manual if you still need more information regarding watch care.