Corporate Watches for Sale


The perfect reward for a milestone, a watch doesn’t just tell the time, it signifies that an individual has achieved a goal. Gift your staff a gift that they will never forget and will always be a reminder of their hard work and their successes.

The gift that keeps on giving.


Sophistication and meaning combine with our watches. Meticulously handcrafted in Singapore and engineered to last a lifetime, our watches are sure to be a reminder of what the recipient has done to deserve it. With our personalization services as well, this meaning can be made truly everlasting, ensuring that your gifts will not just lie by a desk side and collect dust, but will be a part of your staff’s life, accompanying them through their journey.

Gift a corporate wristwatch by Aries Gold – the treasured gifts that truly keeps on giving.

Buy Watches Built to Last a Lifetime, and Beyond


Everyone appreciates good quality, luxury, and something specially personalised. When you gift an Aries Gold corporate wristwatch, you are gifting the heritage and story of local watchmaking talents and craftsmanship. And with our personalization services available, your gifts will be truly unique to your staff and will certainly last a lifetime.

Since 1970, Aries Gold has been a leading figure in the development of Singapore watchmaking. Today, we continue the tradition of quality and innovation. Our expert craftsmen create our luxury timepieces with great precision and care. Aries Gold watches are built for a lifetime of wear, and then some more.

Corporate Watches by Aries Gold.
Stunning Timepieces Sure to Impress.


Engineered to last a lifetime, hand-crafted in Singapore, and created from only the finest of materials, there is no greater corporate gift to receive than a stunning Aries Gold timepiece.

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