Social Responsibility

Empowering People

The mission of our company is to empower people. It is the core of our business and what we do. We believing in designing our watches to empower our customers, inspiring them to do better. Similar, we aim to empower every one of our staff. Every employee is an asset to us and with the goal to empower them, their growth will indirectly lead the growth of the organization through organic means.

Towards a Future of Good

Innovative developments in the watchmaking sphere should not come at the expense of our world at large. For the entire team at Aries Gold, maintaining a sustainable and ethical environment is a key mission where we believe in a credo of watches looking good, and doing good.

The Winning Formula

For an ethical business environment to take shape, we extend our best both internally and externally. This has led to the creation of an all-inclusive, win-win framework that encompasses a 360-degree approach towards treating others with respect and empathy:

  1. We embrace a principle of zero discrimination in our workplace. Regardless of language or religion, everyone is given an equal chance and is rewarded based on meritocracy
  2. We are adopters of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
  3. We have aligned ourselves with Civil Rights Defenders in the support of human rights and equality.
  4. Since 2015, we have instituted mandatory training on our Code of Ethics for all employees, in order to provide even better, customer-centric service, adhering to the lemon law.
  5. We negotiate sustainable prices with our suppliers and business partners to maintain mutually beneficial business ties where fair wages can be attained for all.

Our World, Our Duty

When it comes to our environment, we adopt a game-changing approach. Through collaboration with our business partners and advanced infrastructure, we have reduced water wastage beyond the factory gates to ensure its responsible usage for the benefit of the world at large.

 This mindset also carries through to power savings; our automatic timepieces are handmade and assembled by a dedicated watchmaking master, free from the use of machines. The resultant electricity savings amounted to a reduction of 24% in power consumption and higher quality products.

More than that, we have also cut down the use of power-intensive machinery in our manufacturing processes, instead switching to power-saving equipment or hand labor – preserving the cherished art of watchmaking, as well as our cherished environment.