Trade-in Programme

At Aries Gold, we believe in producing quality products that can withstand the test of time. We also believe in giving back to the people in need, and that is why we have started this trade in program, to gift your old watch to the underprivileged and to reduce carbon footprint. Your old watch will be given to people from third world nations like the African Nations. We have tied up with related charitable organizations for these arrangements. The trade in value is 50% of the price you bought the watch. Here is an overview of how this trade-in process works.

1. Send in your Aries Gold watch as a parcel to our Singapore office. Attach your original receipt & warranty booklet in a parcel.

2. Our logistics team will conduct a series of tests to assess if your Aries Gold is still in working condition.

3. The value (50% of the price you bought the watch) will be disbursed to you via Aries Gold store credits, as per your registered email account, along with an accompanying email notification.

4. Purchase your new Aries Gold timepiece using your credits.

5. Your old Aries Gold watch will be refurnished and given for free to someone in the third world nation.