Floral Inspirations Now in Bloom

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A flower by any other name, is a flower no less. Or in the case of Aries Gold’s latest female fashion statement, the Fleur. Beautiful, elegant, swaying along to the elements, but never yielding. In tribute to our female in-house designers who toil endlessly to bring new statement pieces to life, as well as independent and fashionably trendy ladies worldwide, the Fleur was conceptualised to connote the charming traits of the fairer gender.

 With a selection of floral imprints that never wilt or shy from any weather, the dial is a canvas of art and silent strength – a quality more commonly attributed to the opposite sex. The leather strap allows for everyday comfort and hardiness, which when combined with the sapphire glass crystal, encapsulates all that every modern woman should expect of herself and her adornments. Perfect as a gift for females everywhere, our new bestseller is testament to the strides girls can take, en route to blossoming into a mature, admirable lady.