Rocky Has Arrived

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Remember what we’ve been hinting at for close to a few weeks now? Now, the time has come for Aries Gold to launch our highly anticipated limited edition timepiece for the year – headlined by the legendary Rocky! Apart from being a movie classic, the Italian Stallion can now count on being an epic timepiece in its own right, with characteristics traditionally associated with the toughest of champions. It’s tough, it’s vintage, and wins not merely with substance but also grit and style.



To highlight just how in demand our latest collaborative piece is, the exclusive prelaunch of our rose gold/brown model at selected watch stores was sold out, even without much marketing publicity. What does it mean for the rest of our Aries Gold fans then? For starters, you can still get the charismatic black/white edition. Like all others, it comes with an interchangeable watch strap that come with quick-release mechanisms. Not only that, but a specially crafted watch holder has been hand-finished to aesthetic perfection, so you can flaunt your latest collectible in all the glory befitting it.

Don’t take our word for it though, let the images speak for themselves. And remember, stocks are limited, so act fast and go for the knockout before they run out!


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