Influential Inspirations

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Been following our Aries Gold social media platforms closely? If you have, you'd already be familiar with the stylish fashionistas rocking our pieces on Instagram! And if you haven't, there's no better time to get acquainted than now, more so as we often allow our influencers to have their own choice of timepiece *hint hint* That's our not-so-subtle call for aspiring influencers to show us if they've got what it takes to showcase Aries Gold in the trendiest light.

More than that, our influencers' style selections sometimes come with a little surprise on the backcase - in-house laser engraving that gives an added degree of personalisation. Want to get your own engraving done? Simply enquire at our primary partner H2 Hub's retail stores. More keen on checking out the latest style statements? Just scroll on through to check out our Top 5 Influencer inspirations and take home the pieces that captivate your heart!

@charlottelum wearing our Fleur Collection (Model: L 5035 RG-MP)

@adeline_miller wearing our Fleur Collection (Model: L 5035 PUR-TL)

@beatricehx wearing our Luna Collection (Model: L 58010L RG-MP)

@jiaqiwoo wearing our Liberty Collection (Model: L 5031 S-W)

@emlee7 wearing our El Toro Collection ( Model: G 9005 AS-BK )