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Another long weekend, here we come! And with this one comes added significance, since we’re drawing the curtains on 2017 – a most eventful year for all of us here at Aries Gold. Looking back, we’ve done our usual tours of Hong Kong and Basel, where our timepieces have continued to gain traction with distributors worldwide. We’ve had great dim sum and weissbier, we’ve made new friends and fans, all while accomplishing more milestone achievements to hopefully do Singapore.

Aries Gold X Aerosmith

So as 2018 dawns on us, and we celebrate with friends and family to mark the promise of a whole new year to realise new goals, here’s a concise throwback to our most recent brand highlights: Aries Gold X Aerosmith Limited Edition Timepiece Hot on the heels of 2016’s successful Aries Gold X Foo Fighters Hero timepiece, our new collaboration with another of the rock world’s legends has literally rocked the world of many fans. The small production run of 1,000 is close to selling out, and gives us renewed vigour to create an equally impressive limited edition timepiece in the year to come. Possible collaborators are already in the pipeline, but if I told you, I’d have to shush you.

Giving from the Heart

Aries Gold has continued to support charities, with 100% of our National Day limited edition timepiece proceeds going to the Children’s Cancer Foundation to keep the hopes of many kids alive and well. Our mission has always been to help wherever we can, and next year will be no different as we seek to fulfil our social responsibilities.

Going Turkey

Nope, not Christmas turkey, nor have we gone cold turkey on expanding our global blueprint. Aries Gold is now available in Istanbul and Bursa within the magnificent Europe-Asia bridge of Turkey. Another new point of sales, another notch in our cap – so that fans in Turkey can enjoy greater access to our latest timepieces.

There’s more to come next year, and here’s us thanking all of our Aries Gold fans for your loyal support. 2018 will bring more exciting timepiece designs, so don’t stray too far!

-The Watchman