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Breaking news! Reporting from the world's largest timepiece event, the HKTDC Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, it’s time to bring you all up to speed with how our counterfeit nemesis, Instagrammer @nevadacolection, has surfaced once more – this time in the flesh and as brazen as ever. Just 2 weeks back, I’d written on how fake Aries Gold watches had come to our attention, with a subsequent lawsuit being filed. Seemingly undeterred, our culprit even booked a booth at the prestigious timepiece fair where our genuine wares are on full display! I’d like to invite all you Aries Gold fans to play “Spot the Difference” here.

Notice how the counterfeit designs just simply aren’t up to scratch, especially with the use of faux leather and cheaply coated metallic straps? Now take a look at the authentic Aries Gold watch on your wrist, or on your screen, and wander in amazement how someone could have the utter shamelessness to copy another person’s brand, yet fail in such spectacular fashion. Heck, even the (I presume) fake LV wallet carried by the aunty at the wet market looks much more like the real stuff than that. The worst part about this criminal act? It actually shows complete disrespect to our design team who had invested many hours of hard work into creating our signature pieces.

So what’s happening now is that after our complaint, the organiser has sealed their booth, but the culprits are still hiding the watches behind the drapes and secretly showing them to potential customers, with no apology forthcoming on their end. Adding insult to injury, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council has been slow in replying to our queries as to how counterfeiters can be allowed to exhibit their products so openly in a respectable trade fair. That’s almost as good as passing your next-door neighbour off as Miranda Kerr in the Victoria Secret show – terrible, isn’t it?

See full footage here.

But that’s enough ranting for now. On the bright side, we’ve got hard evidence to go after the bad guys with the full force of the law. Who knows if we might get enough compensation to visit the real Nevada and experience all the glamour Las Vegas brings? And as everyone should know, the real Aries Gold would NEVER approve of watch designs that only a mother could love. So just keep calm and wear your real stuff proudly. Before I forget, I’ve got two words for all shameless copycats out there: Fake off.

- The Watchman