Heal the World

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It’s tragic how often we get caught up in stuff that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, like excessive frustration at the train system breaking down (well we can at least blame that on recently publicised usage of defective China-made trains in the Singapore rail system), or that we have officially entered monsoon season with unprecedented hot, humid weather threatening the crispness of our work clothing. No, there are definitely other more pressing matters worth getting worried about, things which have our entire team at Aries Gold genuinely about. For instance, not a week seems to go by without yet another horrific shooting or bombing tragedy. Think Paris, Orlando, Turkey, Dhaka, and now even Baghdad. What’s with the world today, you may ask. Quite frankly, how does anyone even justify the senseless taking of a fellow human’s life while masquerading as a freedom fighter?

There’s freedom of expression, freedom to dictate your career, but the freedom to fight? Wise is he who once said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Because when’s all said and done, who truly benefits from all this bloodshed? Why are people waging war and destroying all that’s beautiful about this Earth that we share? We can never buy into the belief that ISIS is truly in the business of liberation, as the simply grotesque suicide bombings defies all logic, much more so when children are indoctrinated from young to murder their fellow brethren. When the terrorism crisis has hit so close to home, with Malaysia and Indonesia now also being targets of these purported martyrs, it’s only natural that we take a stand. So this week, we at Aries Gold would like to dedicate this post to the innocent fallen, and pray that order is restored to the world we love. May we all share peace, love, and joy forevermore in the real fight – the one against rampant, fearless terrorism. For those on our side, here’s a sweetener: flash this blog post at any H2 Hub outlet to enjoy $10 off your favourite Aries Gold timepiece (offer valid till end of July 2016).

-The Watchman