Jolt Your Senses

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If you have a reputation for always being on the cutting edge of design and innovation, you’d better live up to it. That’s just something we’ve been telling ourselves these past few months, as our production pipeline was kept constantly in fifth gear for the impending release of a new Aries Gold creation that’s part complex, part intricate, and wholly captivating.

Just what is our latest timepiece like then? Without spoiling the joy of discovering its full splendour this April, what we can tell you is that the Jolter reflects a juxtaposition of design and car racing. Think of the mechanical precision which a car engine operates at, or digitally-enhanced steering wheels, all-weather versatility and the thrill of capturing the chequered flag.

It’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect of any Aries Gold signature piece, including sapphire glass crystal and superior Japanese movement. Now the only thing you have to do, is wait for that defining moment of unveiling.

Or if you just can’t wait to get an Aries Gold timepiece as a gift for that someone who absolutely loves racing, head over to your nearest H2 Hub outlet for a selection of other adrenaline-inducing pieces, as our primary distributor would be more than happy to oblige. Till then, mark your calendar for April, where it’s ready, set, go!

 -The Watchman