Leather or Metal?

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Are you the sort who prizes the sturdiness of steel in all its precision-cut solidity, unbending and unyielding against everyday elements? Or do you favour leather and its weathered texture – a storyteller that lives to pass on personal glories from one generation to another? Whatever the case, there’s a solid point to be made as to the pros and cons of either material, especially when it comes to selecting a watch strap that best suits your style and intention.


First things first, we turn our attention to the hardy metal strap. Requiring much less upkeep than their leather counterparts, any signs of ageing can usually be dealt with by a quick polish. More than that, metal also does not tear or soak up the natural greases from skin, resulting in less noticeable daily wear. Where metal concedes the edge is in the style stakes, as leather straps are usually perceived to be more formal and authoritative.



On the flip side, a leather strap wins aesthetically with its timeless appeal. That’s why you often see ultra high end watches sporting a leather strap, connoting a man who has made it in life. However, leather is prone to rips and tears as it ages, requiring oiling and regular maintenance to keep the pristine sheen. Wet leather will also get ruined through material degradation, which means that you probably shouldn’t wear a leather strap timepiece for days at a time, nor choose it if you have hyperactive sweat glands.


All that being said, you can have both a metal or leather strap with purchase of the all-new Jolter sports chronograph for men. So whether you plan to dominate the boardroom or race track, we’ll have you covered. Click through to find out more about this Aries Gold trendsetter #igniteyourpassion


-The Watchman