Lesson From The Telly

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Yet another week has passed, and after much sleep deprivation caused by camping in front of the television night after night catching Euro 2016, an important truth dawned upon me – particularly after the enthralling England game against Wales. As the English national team managed to snatch victory in the closing minutes after having fallen behind earlier, it reminded me of how our team at Aries Gold has often had to overcome unexpected setbacks before achieving anything resembling success.

Just like Gareth Bale popped up with a goal to give Wales the lead, there have been several times when we’ve noticed competitors landing a surprise strike of their own, such as copying the layout of our artwork to promote their own series of watches for sale (What nerve!). Naturally, this prompted us into action, determined to prove how true quality will always prevail at the end of the day. Through some inspired substitutions of our own (with renewal of personnel), as well as a great deal of effort and teamwork, we managed to refine our strategy and tactics before hitting back to equalise the playing field. This led to the subsequent recognition of us being the creators of the original design among industry experts, which gave our design team cause for joy.

But what then followed is reminiscent of England’s last-minute heroics, as Aries Gold has now gone on to build a solid reputation in even more markets, as borne by increasing sales figures, and Facebook fans that eclipse that of our aforementioned domestic competitor. So we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we remain stronger than the sum of our parts, and continue making inroads into new territories.

On my end, the only thing I’ll be making inroads into, at least for the next few weeks, will be the bowl of chips on my table every night. Before I sign off, do pay a visit to H2Hub outlets and ariesgold.com for great deals this season on your favourite timepieces. Plus, stay tuned for more weekly reads from Aries Goal – I mean, Aries Gold.

-The Watchman