Rada Time CEO Mr. Hendra's Point-of-View

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This very brand, is my team’s favourite brand. Some of us purchased Aries Gold as our priority tool that we trust, the accuracy keeps us to be discipline in our daily achievement progress. Quality of Sapphire full piece are our best decision for a watch, since for long time use, the time visual is always as clear as new. Look, 3 of us wearing a different type, different style that match what are we, many flatter words accepted by our acquantances among our good looking watch. My good chance talking to the founder of Aries Gold once, I ever asked why there is the name of “Gold” following the brand. Aries Gold started by producing gold series with original gold plating, and we know. Gold is never rust, the Gold is immortal, that is the quality of Aries Gold that will last for eternity. Aries Gold with more than 40 years of story certainly is gonna win the market share for whom prioritize time accuracy, luxury, and endurance. Viva Aries Gold.

CEO of RaDa Time.