Struck by Lightning

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This week, we bring you a more in-depth look behind the scenes of our Aries Gold bestseller – the fittingly named 7003 Lightning chronograph for racing enthusiasts. After all, if you’re going to strap one on, you might as well know its history and the inspiration behind it.


For starters, have you ever seen a Lamborghini Murcielago at full throttle?  Or what about a Ferrari Spider speeding down a freeway? It’s that exact same pulsating thrill you get when you first set eyes on the Aries Gold Lightning, beginning with its CNC-finished dial that flaunts precision-engineered details. Built to replicate actual race car components, this sporty timepiece also showcases part of the quartz movement for a fleeting glimpse of its mechanical prowess.






And with weather as humid as Singapore’s, the inclusion of a high-tech silicon strap ensures durability and comfort, even if you happen to be cruising down the PIE with the top down in your convertible. No friction rash, and no need to worry about anything other than the number of envious stares you’ll attract. That’s what people like Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen have to deal with on a daily basis anyway. And if you can’t beat them on the race track, join them in the style stakes.






Time calibration is conducted via two pushers, especially handy to those for whom time is money. Speaking of money, the Lightning will not cost you a fortune, in spite of its quality. Better yet, this hot racer piece is now back on our shelves after a new production run, so dash your way to the nearest H2 Hub outlet or make your purchase online. Remember, fast always wins.