Styled to Sparkle

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Tis’ the season to be dressed to the nines, as we’re officially just a fortnight away from Christmas! And I know that in the past few weeks, chatter on the Aries Gold blog has been heavily skewed towards the Aries Gold Limited Edition timepiece, so today it’s time to turn our focus back to the ladies. In my attempt to help our female readers take the spotlight at any Christmas party, let me first examine the very factors that make the Enchant collection so, well, enchanting.

Now, I know that not every lady is enamoured by technical specs and all the details that go into making an exquisite timepiece, so I’m going to keep it real simple. All you have to know is that nearly all our ladies’ timepieces feature the scratch-resistant sapphire glass crystal. It’s the see-through glass that covers your watch dial, and I’m pretty sure some of you may have had your watches from competing brands scratched before. With sapphire glass, you won’t encounter the same problem, unless you somehow are adventurous enough to rub your diamond ring against it – which is not its intended purpose.

Besides that, many Enchant timepieces are also constructed from solid stainless steel, so unlike ordinary steel watches, ours don’t rust or stain with exposure to air and moisture, due to the addition of chromium for stain-resisting properties.

With that being said, here’s my curated list of Aries Gold Enchant timepieces to make yourself or your female partner as gleeful as an elf (especially if you’ve made her angry, even though we both know it’s just PMS).



For those fascinated by the moon (because the sun makes a lady tanned), this moonphase timepiece is a Christmas wish come true.



Be entranced by moving jewelled stones within the dial’s peripheral passage – our more elegant counter to the fidget spinner.



Those with an appreciation for understated class would do well with the Embrace on their wrist.


Before you go, we would like to introduce an amazing offer of bringing home a necklace box set worth USD$59 when you purchase any female watch on our newly updated site.

-The Watchman