A Blessing in Disguise

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So, last week we ran a Takashimaya roadshow as part of our year-long marketing campaign, and had the great fortune of having 10 pairs of watches stolen after someone broke in overnight. Yes, STOLEN. You may then wonder, how is that great fortune, to have $3,280 worth of watches swiped away in just one night?


Let’s try thinking of it from the burglar’s point of view. First off, the locks were broken, which means that there were tools involved. Tools don’t appear out of thin air, do they? So let’s now presume that he or she had to procure those tools either by purchasing them or lugging them from home while concealing them in a bag, both of which require considerable effort.


The next course of action would have been to stay awake till the mall’s human traffic had dispersed, say maybe around midnight or later, before breaking the locks open with as little noise as possible, then making away with the goods – the whole while trying to avoid detection. Think of all that pressure, and how trespassing with the intention of theft can incur a multiple-year jail term. All for 10 of our watches, which he or she could easily have purchased online at www.ariesgold.com

To whomever had such guts to commit the theft, you probably figured that we produce well-designed, quality timepieces that can fetch a decent price in the underground market. We’re flattered to know that, and hope that the loot has made its way to others who appreciate them as well. We hope they go on to post photos of themselves wearing the watches on Facebook, Instagram and whatnot. Now that would truly be our great fortune. Because an ad campaign to garner that kind of reach probably costs way more than our paper losses. So, thank you, but at the same time, we hope the police nab you too. Good luck and have a great week everyone! :)


-The Watchman


Here are some of the watches that was unfortunately stolen that night.

Wingman 728 (Model:G 728 RG-BU) USD$329.00 

Wingman 728 (Model:G 728 RG-BKRG) USD$329.00

Gauntlet Vintage 903 (Model:G 728 RG-BKRG) USD$489.00

Cruiser 901 (Model:G 901 BK-BKBU) USD$489.00

Last but not least...

Hellcat 751 (Model:G 751 BKCF-BEI) USD$329.00