Mum's Love: The Greatest Love of All

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With Mother’s Day upon us, I’d like to recount this story that took place two years back. A mother had entered one of our H2 Hub watch shops and enquired if she could exchange a couple of her newly purchased watches for other similarly priced models. Naturally, we acceded to her request as proof of purchase was present, and it’s always been our mission to make every customer happy. Upon noticing that she had three of the same watches, we were perplexed and politely asked how she came into possession of them.

To our amazement, we found out that two of her relatives, as well as her own son, were the buyers of those Mother’s Day gifts, making her upset as she had no need for all of them. Sympathetic to her plight, we told her not to worry, and that we’d make things better for her with the exchange she wanted. Shortly after, she was overcome by guilt and decided to keep all the watches she had instead, explaining that they were chosen by her loved ones after all.

This gave us some food for thought: what were the odds that three separate individuals would wander into an H2 Hub watch shop while trying to pick out a gift for the same person, before choosing Aries Gold as their brand of choice, then purchasing the same model – the Belle 500, which I may shamelessly add, is quite the beauty. Such an occurrence might even be more rare than striking first prize in the 4D draw! We then got to thinking that maybe, for a job as great as that of being a mother, only great gifts would do. And that’s why three great minds thought alike, to reward the greatest love of all.

So, if you’d like to show just how great your mind (and taste) is, you know what to do*wink*.  Just drop by any of our conveniently located H2 Hub outlets, and help make your Mother’s Day.