A Leap to Success

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Marking the end of yet another stellar showcase at HKDTC 2017, we hope you will look forward to more excellent ranges. Aries Gold unveiled many improvements, ideas and interesting concepts that we will adopt for our future series of watches throughout this fruitful platform. 

Aries Gold, along with many international brands, participated and exhibited our new collections at HKDTC 2017. Constantly innovating and designing, we brought our newly-released series to light. One of the more noticeable series that attracted many was our Lightning Series – utilizing the best in-house technology, finished with a beautifully-crafted watch plating. Rather than using conventional rubber straps, the Lightning series opted for a high-tech synthetic strap to add intrinsic durability for everlasting quality, while ensuring the highest level of comfort.


Aries Gold’s showcase was a successful one. Many visitors loved the watches featured from this year’s collaboration. We are only limiting its release to 1000 pieces worldwide. Do anticipate the release of this exclusive range. The official launch will take place between mid-October to November. Mark your calendars!

Aries Gold has upheld a multitude of values that helped to build the brand to what it is today. We strongly believe in implementing impactful concepts through careful designing and manufacturing of each timepiece. We take utmost pride in our visual merchandising as well, which further highlight the charm of each watch. This year, Aries Gold adopted its ‘blueprint’ concept in every aspect of the showcase, infusing a more industrialised look to our booth through experimenting using unique props and displays to complement our exquisite timepieces. Fortunately, our booth design wowed many patrons, attracting many positive responses.

We also attended the Watch Parade, whereby it was an opportune time to don our proud collections in the exhibition. The watches turned out extravagant on the models, offering highly-complex to minimalistic designs for any wrist.

 Our customers are looking great with our new series! We are proud and delighted to witness our valued customers standing out with Aries Gold timepieces. It looks stunning when paired with any everyday outfit.

Through our exhibition, we garnered strong interests and favorable responses from the public, in which we are grateful for. On the last day of showcase, we sold our displayed watches, all limiting to one piece per design. Keep scrolling to view our most frequently viewed watches that you might like as well.

We hope that our patrons of HKTDC 2017 enjoyed the showcase and are fond of our new concepts. ­Looking back, we definitely progressed further than we have ever imagined. Thank you for your continuous support for Aries Gold. We will continue to impress you with more top-quality, one-of-a-kind watches. The best is yet to come – See you next year!