Have Taiwanese businesses become exceptionally dishonest?

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Aries Gold constantly upholds strong principles in doing business – two of which are loyalty and professionalism. However, we have recently stopped our dealership with a Taiwanese distributor – Anchor Time. This may come as a shocking news for our Aries Gold fans, but the details are as follows.

Anchor Time recently lost distributorship of our brand due to poor performance and failure to present their marketing reports for marketing activities of the brand. Because of this, they began to sell Aries Gold products with heavy and unauthorized discounting in a bid to disrupt the harmony of the dealers selling Aries Gold watches in Taiwan.

It is a definite pity that Anchor Time had to resort to such unethical behaviour in view of retaliation. Their distasteful and dishonest actions would most likely be tagged onto not only them but the Taiwanese in general. Anchor Time evidently went against the spirit of Aries Gold and all that we stand for, which is to be inspiring and righteous. Given their unprofessionalism, it will undoubtedly tarnish the impression on Taiwan businesses.

Upon receiving the news of such undesirable conduct, we had to respond with a termination of the dealership with Anchor Time to uphold our ever-striving values of Aries Gold. Aries Gold will not add insult to injury by prolonging our dealership in order to uphold fairness in our business.

While we have maintained our dignity as a brand and refrained from unduly commenting publicly about their behaviour, Anchor Time has decided to threaten Aries Gold with a lawsuit and defame our brand. Instead of preferably coming to terms with their wrongdoings and putting out the fire, Anchor Time still responded with such ignorance.

It is undoubtedly true that Aries Gold originates from Singapore, which is a seemingly tiny country in their eyes. However, we will stand firm, and our spirit and confidence will not wear off even despite being tormented by a company from a larger country.

With regards to the aforementioned termination, it seems as if most Taiwanese distributors of Aries Gold are unscrupulous. However, there is a glimpse of hope in finding honest, trustworthy distributors in Taiwan. We are proud to inform our customers that we still have dependable and authorized resellers of Aries Gold in Taiwan where you can enjoy the authenticity of our watches.


Here is the list of Aries Gold distributors in Taiwan:

Chen boutique
No. 1, Alley 28, Lane 30, Section 4, Chenggong Road,
Neihu District, Taipei City, 114

Chen boutique
No. 344, Section 2, Henan Road,
Xitun District, Taichung City, 407

Chen boutique
No. 161, Xintian Road, Xinxing District,
Kaohsiung City, 800

As a company that cares for our loyal customers, we would want to provide the highest-quality timepieces without fail. Thus, we strongly encourage you to support and purchase Aries Gold watches from authorized resellers, which will provide the proper warranty coverage in Taiwan.

For customers who purchase Aries Gold timepieces from unauthorized dealers, you will not be able to utilise any form of warranty coverages offered by Aries Gold.

Aries Gold will always seek to spread trust and professionalism, as consistent with the spirit of the brand. We truly hope that you will continue to support Aries Gold and our authorized resellers.