Less Is More

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Offering an array of the sizes and the most complex designs, the choice for the feminine wrist is endless. Fueling the inevitable hype for petite timepieces – however, are the admirable fashion icons that help shape the definition of modern ladies’ fashion. Taking Camilla Belle, Jennifer Aniston and Sofia Vergara for example, these Hollywood actresses are seen donning small watches in various events, bringing light to such exquisite yet petite timepieces. Thus, modern ladies will never go underappreciated while flaunting small timepieces for a modern touch to their outfits.

Complementing the rising trend for minimal fashion, modern ladies can opt for the Camillie 5002 series, endowed with alluring rose-gold details that harmonize perfectly with the mother-of-pearl dial. This woman timepiece simply oozes glamour and sophistication, kept elegant with a statement braid mesh.


How to transform a testosterone-filled pilot’s watch into a female timepiece possessing utmost elegance? The Isabella 5032 series finds the answer in offering an excellent squared timepiece, graced with a stunning silver rim with minimal details on-dial. This is surely the most effective way to ‘feminize’ a watch.


Possibly heightening the standard for ladies’ dress watches, the bejewelled and daintily-sized Embrace 5030 series is festooned with brilliant-cut rhinestones and gracefully adorned finished with all-around touches of rose gold. Thinking of going out with your girls tonight? Pair your outfits with this dazzling timepiece to bring out your inner chic this weekend.


When we talk about artistic expressions, a woman’s accessories speak the loudest. Pushing the boundaries of elegance, the Gemini 136 series embraces a compelling shell encased in an exquisite gold rim, ultimately bringing aesthetic to another level. The overall streamlined wire strap gently elevates your class, best accompanied with your simple, everyday dress.

You can never go wrong with a black-gold combo. The minimalist Tango 1007 series eases off sparkling gemstones by incorporating beautiful symmetry. Its unadorned white bezel wrapped in an opulent gold rim will undoubtedly outshine any monochromatic outfits. For ladies that crave status without over-doing it, this is the perfect timepiece specially tailored for the feminine wrist.


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