All Dressed Up

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Think of the last time you attended a fancy black tie or corporate dinner event. What did you wear? How were you styled? If anything, you probably had on your best suit jacket – rightfully complemented by an enviable cache of accessories, including that go-to dress watch that lets everyone know you’re a man on time, and more crucially, on point when it comes to looking the part.

So then, what are the main features of a dress watch? Let’s first examine how this class of timepieces usually differ from others like aviation chronographs and diving watches. Some dress watches noticeable come without a second hand, as the sole function is form rather than function. Simplicity and elegance are the order of the day, so it’s key to have your dress watch sized appropriately to your wrist for a snug fit. It should also be slim enough to pop out of your shirt cuffs, with minimal ornamentation to distract.

Why are dress watches actually important? Let’s just say that even big boys love their toys, and dress watches comprise a major part of any man’s timepiece collection. More than just style and vintage charm, the mechanical finesse housed within often indicate a person of greater social status – especially important when you have to network at business events. More men are also wearing dress watches on a casual day nowadays, with stainless steel pieces offering great versatility.


As is our obligation to loyal Aries Gold followers, here are some dress watches to check out, so you can keep your audience suitably impressed.