Black to the Future

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For all the fashion fads that have come and gone, like colour blocking, or the tie-dyed Coachella mix and matching, none has withstood the time as much as the classic, just-can’t-go-wrong black. It’s shadowy, mysterious, and goes well with anything. In fact, that applies very much to your choice of timepiece.

Monochromatic themes will always stay in style, and for good reason. You don’t need an overly complicated array of wardrobe pieces to complement it, and save for Asian mothers’ tendency to paint black as inauspicious, the fashion police will hardly ever be called upon when you stick to the dark side.

Think about it, watch dials often come in formulaic white or some other safe variant for enhanced readability, but it’s our obligation to give you options that veer on the bolder edges of life. So with much pride, Aries Gold presents three of our bestsellers in full black dial glory – masterpieces that’ll have you turning heads in no time at all.

Jolter 7008

Refined precision and millimetre-perfect harmony, all in our latest release.


El Toro 9005

A symphony of finesse and performance, it remains one of our most coveted mechanical wonders.


Hurricane 750

Inspired by WWII warplanes, this is a combination of brooding good looks and machismo.