Chronograph VS Multifunction

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For all our fans who love a weekend jaunt to Bangkok, accompanied by a trip to the bustling Chatuchak market, you’d know that feeling of coming across what looks to be a real Gucci wallet, only to realise the difference in quality and price thereafter. And as our friendly Thai compatriots would say, it’s same same but different. Of course, that also applies to numerous K-pop celebrities, most of whom have gone under the knife and are hardly distinguishable from one another.

Similarly, have you ever wondered what the differences between a chronograph and multifunction watch are? While timepiece experts might know how to spot the difference, it might not come as easily to watch novices. After all, both flaunt a sportier than usual look, and house three smaller dials on the watch face in general. Fret not, for here’s where I come in with this handy table to help you start acting like you’ve been in the business for years, especially when trying to impress a client or your Internet friends.

And just for visual comparison, check out the Aries Gold Atlantic (left) and Kensington (right), available at your nearest H2 Hub outlet. It’s not difficult now to tell which is which, right? For more pro tips, stay tuned to our weekly blog! 

-The Watchman