Shout Out from Basel

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Just last month, we were in Munich. This time, we’re back in Europe once more at the prestigious Baselworld – the most significant global show for the watch and jewellery industry. Basically, it’s where watchmakers, jewellers, precious stone dealers, and machine suppliers gather to hawk their latest offerings when they’re not busy taking in the gorgeous Swiss landscapes.  This year’s edition lasts from March 23 – 30, 2017, and we’re already craving the taste of chicken rice back home. But if a week is what it takes to increase our global footprint as Singapore’s sole watchmaking representative, it’s nothing we can’t deal with. Besides, the rosti here is actually really good, although our waistlines might have to disagree.


Back to what we’re really here for, it seems that we’ve really gained momentum among the international community, seeing how Aries Gold is being increasingly recognised as a business that places an emphasis on craftsmanship and design. We believe that’s just the reward we get when we insist on using genuine sapphire glass and precision-engineered components in our timepieces for you to enjoy. Regardless, we’re pleasantly surprised at the number of meetings we’ve had to schedule with distributors to view the highly popular El Toro 9005, and how many European businesses have registered interest in our limited edition, sold-out Foo Fighters collaboration piece.



You know what they say: you’ve got to act fast! So owners of these pieces we’ve mentioned, best hold onto to your treasured watches, lest they appreciate in value in the resale market. Before we part for the week, we’d like to thank all our distributors and fans for your support in making us one of the fastest growing watch brands in Southeast Asia, and a step closer to making Aries Gold the choice for accessible luxury all over the world.

-The Watchman