In the Name of Giving Back

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One thing that perplexes me is how often you see the needy or handicapped busking in public, or perhaps trying to eke out a decent living by selling packs of tissue paper, with throngs of people holding the latest iPhone or Nintendo Switch nonchalantly breezing by, without even offering them a glance or smile of acknowledgement. The contrast is so stark that I start to question how people can gladly fork out exorbitant prices for their gadgets or clothing, but cannot even find it in their hearts to spare a dollar for the less fortunate. Yet so often, these are the very same people who’ll share or post heart-warming videos online with comments like “Faith in humanity restored”. Ironic much, isn’t it?

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. It’s something that Aries Gold founder CK Woo firmly believes in too. That’s why even to this day, we’ve always maintained our stand that helping should come naturally and sincerely. Despite the economic slowdown, we still put our money where our mouth is, being the only Singaporean watchmaking company that donates to charity – hence our invite to the biggest charity event in Singapore, the SPD Charity Show 2017.

Themed “Where Dreams Inspire”, the show featured those who seek to inspire through their stories of struggle, something that resonates deeply with CK Woo and keeps him firmly grounded, knowing the challenges he had to go through to preserve Aries Gold’s status as the custodian of Singapore’s watchmaking art. Part of SPD’s 10-week-long “Breaking Barriers” public education campaign, the show also aimed to promote inclusion and better understanding of people with disabilities.

And though stars like Wilber Pan and the Grasshoppers lit up the night, I hope that you, our dearest fans, start to see our compatriots with disabilities as everyday stars in their own right too. Keep on giving, and stay tuned for new Baselworld updates next week!

-The Watchman