Globally Gold

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As promised, here are even more updates from Aries Gold’s last trip out to Baselworld, Switzerland. Not surprisingly, the event was watches, watches and more watches from all over the world. And carrying on the tradition of preserving the art of watchmaking, especially for the ASEAN region, our second generation team has now inked even more distribution contracts within the following countries: Greece, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Germany, Nigeria, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Argentina, China, India and Turkey. It's a huge relief that we are one of the only few brands from Singapore who made it to Basel and gained success. Distributors from Greece, Germany and Turkey became more interested in our products and have placed more orders.

What does that mean for us as a brand? Geography lovers might already be able to tell that we’re extending our brand awareness largely in the Middle East and unearthing new ground in places as far-flung as South America. Who knows if one day you’ll see Lionel Messi being mobbed by fans in Buenos Aires while wearing an Aries Gold timepiece – wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? A man can dream, after all we’ve already made it this far as Singapore’s watchmaking pride. If gamers worldwide can idolise home-grown Razer, what’s to stop watch aficionados from swearing by us?

Our Creative Director Elijah used to say "bringing you gold in a price of silver". With design as our core focus, our team will continue to clock in more hours on innovation, product research and development. We will definitely be able to bring you more value-for-money  timepieces and more bang for your buck. To top if off, our products now offer free lifetime warranty in Singapore.

With two major events to showcase our crafts already ticked off this year, the next one following on from Inhorgenta and Baselworld would be the HKTDC in Hong Kong. You heard it here first: our new collection will be on show, and I guarantee that it’s something Aries Gold fans would highly anticipate.

So while we’re off thinking of which dim sum places to visit, take a moment to check out these images we captured for you.

-The Watchman