Do the Write Thing

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With my previous feature on the daily lives of our Aries Gold watch masters and what they entail done and dusted, I felt that perhaps it’s time to shed some light on how yours truly goes about doing what I’m supposed to love most: writing. Now, I use the words “supposed to” because if the liberty to alter fate should ever find its way into these pen-wielding hands of mine, I would be more inclined to be the one modelling our masterfully crafted timepieces instead. After all, that would automatically mean I’d be of superior genetic disposition and have the world swooning at my feet, right? (Unless I were a model scouted by infamous Singapore “superstar” Steven Lim, of course).  As the concept of reality versus expectation hits home, notwithstanding the lack of requisite height to strut down catwalks, the truth dawns upon me that I was born to write.

You see, it takes more than just a flair with words, or frequent forays into the pages of a dictionary, to produce these characters you’re currently viewing on screen. It requires discipline to keep abreast of developments in the world of horology (so I can sound smarter than I actually am by throwing around jargon like deployment buckle or satin-brushed lugs), and the creativity honed from years of doodling or scribbling random gibberish in place of factual answers in times of dreaded examinations.

My job as The Watchman also necessitates an attention to detail, sound grammar and knowledge of what’s currently trending, which is why I read widely – anything from The Straits Times to 8 Days, even my all-too-infatuated cat lover friends’ Facebook posts on what her cat did that evening. More than anything, passion sustains me.

So for this week, I’d like to initiate a call for entries to our inaugural Poetry of Time contest. Simply write a poem about time or watches in the comments section, and stand to win a $30 Aries Gold voucher valid for use at H2 Hub outlets if yours is selected as the winning entry. Good luck!

-The Watchman