Dream On

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Another week gone, and another week of exciting news to announce. Nope, it’s not Bitcoin hitting the hallowed US$10,000 mark, although we’d love to have some of the new digital gold. Rather, fresh from our press conference in Taiwan, we’ve actually discovered our very own Aries Gold x Aerosmith superfan.

Just how far would you go for your favourite celebrity or music artiste? We know some fanatics have actually been arrested for loitering within the Changi Airport departure area without actually intending to catch a plane, but imagine our astonishment when 100 pieces of the Aries Gold x Aerosmith limited edition timepiece were snapped up by a single person!

What this effectively means is that of our original 300 pieces slated for Taiwan sales, 1/3 are already off the market. Now let’s do the math: a 24-million Taiwanese population, versus 200 of our collectible watches. Theoretically, owning one would make you one of the 0.00083% in Taiwan who can let your “bad” side shine through.

Of course, we’re also only 3 weeks away from Christmas, which gives you a legit reason to strap one of these bad boys on. Santa may not approve of you venturing to the naughty side, but you know what they say about the nice fellas finishing last. So with that, I’m off to get more grub from the Shihlin Night Market.

Till next time, take these words of wisdom from Aerosmith with you: dream on until your dreams come true. In other words, wait no more, our dear Taiwanese friends. A free watch winder awaits with your purchase of the limited edition watch, and an instant boost to your street cred ;)