Float Like a Butterfly

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Just as suddenly as it hit me in the office that common sense isn’t all that common, a brainwave struck – one that prompted me to embark on this educational post for the benefit of our dear Aries Gold fans on your path to becoming true watch connoisseurs. Ask yourself: what is a butterfly buckle? I know I’ve mentioned this contraption countless times before, even in our catalogues and in passing to dinner dates whom I admittedly was trying to impress. However, not everyone knows what a butterfly buckle looks like, how it functions, or even why you should get one.

To save you the trouble of Googling the answers, here’s the lowdown on this mechanism you ought to know. Many high-end brands use butterfly buckles in their timepieces, and this alone is a major selling point. Just take a look at the aunties around you on the bus carrying fake Gucci and LV handbags; status sells as surely as sex does. Adding on, a butterfly buckle gives off a smart and classy vibe, because it takes a certain degree of expertise to even manoeuvre it (not Rubik’s Cube level, but you get it).

The cool thing is that watch straps actually last longer with a butterfly buckle, because less stress is placed on the strap for less wear and tear. Even cooler is the fact that our Aries Gold automatic timepieces mostly incorporate butterfly buckles, so you have easier access to this feature more commonly found in luxury labels. For sure, once you’ve read through our cheat sheet below on how the butterfly buckle operates, you’ll gain more street cred with your buddies, even though they’re probably more interested in whether you’ll be picking up the tab for Friday’s after-work drinks.