Strapped for Success

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Unlike that biscuit tin your grandma may have used to hoard her fortune over her entire lifespan, most watch straps only last for slightly more than a year due to wear and tear. “Why this random bit of trivia”, you may ask. The thing is, after the launch of our Aries Gold watch strap collection, I would like to educate everyone on how to better preserve your treasured Aries Gold strap, instead of letting it wilt over time through negligence like that bunch of worksheets in your schoolbag when you were younger (does anyone here remember PETS workbooks by the way?).

Now that I’ve got that bit of nostalgia out of the way, here’s my very first #protip for you: the multi-functional shoe polish. Remember that tin of Kiwi almost anyone who’s served their National Service would be well-acquainted with? That, my friend, can actually be used, along with an old T-shirt, to buff your dusty, faded old strap until it gains a sheen that would impress any platoon sergeant. If you want to go one better, you could even coat it with a layer of polyurethane after buffing for added water protection and shine.

The next thing to note is to clean your strap on a regular basis, using a damp cloth to wipe down the entire surface. Just like a boyfriend or girlfriend, your watch strap needs attention at least once a week, or it’ll soon drive you nuts. Simply gently scrub those spots with dirt or grime with a microfiber or other kind of soft cloth to avoid scratches, and give the strap enough time to air dry.

Last but not least, do remember that your leather strap is not like you – placing it in direct or even indirect contact with sunlight does not give it Vitamin E. Instead, it’ll cause your strap to fade over time. So the next time you visit your H2 Hub outlet for an Aries Gold strap, bear all this in mind or we’ll have to say “Told you so” faster than you know it. Until next week, peace out people!

-The Watchman