Any News Is Good News

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The past week, there was great news for all of us at Aries Gold, as we made the papers after our naturally delighted boss announced it via Facebook. After the despondent news of late, where elderly pedestrians or innocent motorcyclists lose their lives, it was indeed a breath of fresh air – not the kind you get when the haze from Indonesia hits. For our non-Chinese fans, it’s unlikely you’d have chanced upon the feature article in Lianhe Zaobao, but fret not as I break it all down for you right here in this column. 

Now, it took us by surprise initially, as this was not an opportunity we had actively solicited; instead, we were approached by our dear friends at the daily to tell our story of how we’ve emerged as a source of Singaporean watchmaking pride. More specifically, the article details the fact that Aries Gold is the only remaining Singapore born and bred watchmaker in the industry today, and how we’ve come a long way from clock-making in the 20th century to where we are today – with a team of hardworking, passionate professionals and an exceptionally talented blogger (alright, I made the last bit up). 

Cheekily, I had hoped this would have led to a declaration of a hefty bonus for all of us, but that’s rather like looking at my Toto ticket every Monday night, where my visions of riches would inevitably come shattering to pieces. If anything, I’d settle for a sumptuous dinner at Hai Di Lao *wink* But hey, looking on the bright side, this means that we, as a brand, are being noticed at last. And if no news is bad news, surely this can only spell positive times ahead, especially if we all continue to blaze a trail of product design and innovation. So remember to pop by your nearest H2 Hub outlet and get your hands on an Aries Gold product today. If anything, you could count yourself a unique part of Singaporean heritage eh?

-The Watchman