Auto Movements: We Like to Move It, Move It

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In the wise words of Google, “an automatic or self-winding watch is a mechanical watch in which the mainspring is wound automatically as a result of the natural motion of the wearer's arm to provide energy to run the watch, making manual winding unnecessary”. This simply means that as long as your arm keeps moving, you don’t need any external source of power to keep your watch going – which is great news for mahjong players everywhere. The next time your partner complains about your recreational habit, tell him or her you’re helping to generate free power for your watch and feel smug about it.

However, with that being said, not all automatic movements are made equal, especially when it comes to our timepieces with authentic Japanese movement incorporated within. To help you get acquainted with the differences, here’s a quick checklist to see if your current watch is actually a cheapo knock-off your friend bought at the pasar malam but tried to convince you it’s real.

To really check and double confirm if your Aries Gold timepiece is a genuine, quality product, simply turn to the case back and look at the rotor of the movement. If Japan is written at the rotor, the movement is from Japan. If Swiss is written instead, it has been made in Switzerland. And if you get an unmarked rotor, it’s most probably made in China – tough luck with that.

As always, not many people will admit it if the watch they’re selling uses a China movement as it’s easily available, It’s just like people who drive a Chery QQ but modify the body kit to resemble a continental hatchback; beneath the pretence, inferior quality will still reveal itself. That’s why we insist on using authentic Japanese movement, because you, our dear fans, deserve the best affordable quality. In fact, Japanese movements may sometimes require advance ordering of 1 year due to stock shortage. Before you go away feeling happy with your Aries Gold automatic watch, remember to pop by our H2 Hub outlets for more of the timepieces you love. Happy pong-ing, kong-ing, and hu-ing your way to victory at the mahjong table this weekend!

-The Watchman