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Just glancing at the papers the past week made me think of how much drama there is going on within our little red dot known as Singapore. I mean, you never could imagine why a man would take his girlfriend’s 2-year-old son captive in a Sembawang flat while holding off police for nearly 16 hours, or how a platform door at Sixth Avenue MRT station could dislodge itself – it’s not like a char kway teow-filled fat old uncle who makes the earth move with every step was leaning on the door, right? With every page you flip nowadays, it’s a wonder that our population is still only at 5.6 million, when there seems to be much more going on within our land-scarce island.

On the bright side, followers of Chinese talent show Sing China! would be overjoyed to see that our very own Nathan Hartono has made it to the grand finals which concludes this weekend. In all honesty, with looks every bit as handsome as our Aries Gold timepieces (shameless me, hur hur), and a voice that could melt the hearts of screaming teenage girls from Bishan to Beijing, it comes as no surprise that the heartthrob from Jay Chou’s team has made it to the Top 6 finalists. Nathan himself has even inspired Milo to deploy vans to dispense cups of a local favourite beverage in honour of his on-show pledge, showcasing their generosity and support of local talent.

We’re not about to be left out too, being staunch backers of local talent ourselves. That’s why from now till 9 October, our beloved fans can enjoy $10 off your next Aries Gold timepiece when you quote Nathan Hartono’s name at H2 Hub outlets island-wide. Free Milo, free discounts and free drama – no matter who emerges as champion, you all are going to be so, so spoiled. Before I tune into the finals broadcast though, let’s sing while we’re still winning, shall we? Till next time!

-The Watchman