Wake Me Up When September Ends

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“Summer has come and passed, the innocent can never last. Wake me up when September ends…” Those in the know will recognise these lyrics from Green Day, and it probably sums up how everybody is feeling right now, when we just want to hibernate and take the week off after more than 9 months of working hard (in some cases perhaps more of playing hard, I see you slackers sniggering already). Incidentally, 9 months also corresponds to the amount of time a baby spends in the womb, and both are arduous tasks to say the least. Would I rather be able to escape time in the office and swap it for carrying a whole living organism inside me if I had a womb? That’s a question I know the answer to, and it’s a definitive “no”.

No, I’d rather have the freedom to still be as mobile as I want to, and be able to rant about unreasonable people I encounter in the course of a business day with like-minded colleagues. Because when you think hard about it, 9 months is truly a long time in this age, where everything moves at light speed, where the next technological boom comes faster than that made by your Samsung Note7, pun fully intended. 9 months is enough time for us at Aries Gold to create something you guys can get excited about, and there’s definitely lots in store to follow up from our recent technological innovations in camouflage and blue steel plating. And when we say blue steel, we do not mean the signature Derek Zoolander look, but our timepiece does possess the head-turning quality models do too. So take a chill pill if you can this month, and know that your trusted Aries Gold specialists are still busy chipping away at refining, redefining, and perfecting your next wrist masterpiece. While you’re at it, take $10 off your next Aries Gold timepiece too when you flash this blog post at any H2 Hub outlet (limited to single item purchase). Cheers!

- The Watchman