Going abroad, again.

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So this year alone, Aries Gold has gone to Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland and various other places, but this time round, we’re featuring one of our fans instead – someone who has travelled the world far more often than us. And it’s only normal, because she’s an air stewardess and part-time Instagrammer, which means new sights, new adventures, and of course, new posts of her favourite watches (which just so happen to be Aries Gold *cough cough*). In fact, @vaingy claims that the main reason for picking our timepieces is the accessible luxury component. That means stylishness without breaking the bank, but our dear fans should know that already. What you may not know, is what stylishness looks like in London.


When it comes to London, most of us would think of the River Thames, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and so on. Of course, I’d think of Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham (but then that’s just me as a football fanatic). @vaingy on the other hand, was happily savouring lobsters, with her can’t-do-without Aries Gold El Toro strapped on. As a matter of fact, her other go-to piece is the Lumina, a bestseller amongst our female fans, and for good reason. See the way it sparkles in an exotic destination without looking tacky at all, as part of a dressed-down, comfortable outfit?



Now, I can’t promise you a nice European holiday, but if you too want to achieve such chicness, it’s only a short trip away to your nearest H2 Hub outlet for more of your Aries Gold favourites. For those of you lucky enough to score good travel deals at the recent NATAS Travel Fair, consider this an added bonus: 10% off your next single Aries Gold timepiece when you flash this blog post in-store by 31 August 2017. Till next week, stay cool everyone.

-The Watchman