Undoubtedly Aug-some

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I’m sure everyone’s looking forward to the midweek break next week, and catching up on your favourite drama, playing mahjong with friends, and if you’re really lucky, engaging in the truly Singaporean activity of riding a broken-down train. I mean that in jest, of course. Because what would really make our National Day is some great news, like spending your GST credits through some smart retail therapy. Speaking of which, I’m here to give you a sneak peek of just what your wrist is crying out for: Aries Gold’s 2017/2018 timepiece collection.

For starters, there’s the exclusive pre-release of our new Tango couple watch. With the minimalist trend still going strong, this could be the piece to boost your watch game, and show your partner just how much he/she means.


Crowd favourites like the Lightning and El Toro also get new updates, with a Camo and Tungsten respectively being the perfect companion to remind you of your memorable NS days, as well as the kind of manly man you’ve yet to be.


The Scandinavian-inspired and very IG-worthy Sonja also gets a re-release, just in time for ladies to embellish their holiday wardrobe. That’s not forgetting the Blackout 7001 series, which will precede our new automatic collection that combines the best of both smart-looking and retro style.


Last but not least, for those of you who didn’t manage to get our Foo Fighters limited edition timepiece last year, fret not as we’re bringing in yet another exclusive collaborative masterpiece created in partnership with rock gods Aerosmith, due this September. And you don’t want to miss a thing…

-The Watchman