Gotta Stay Fly

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I totally need a break. It’s something we all tell ourselves time and again, especially when it’s 8pm and we find ourselves still toiling away at the office, staring at that Word document running on a Windows XP machine (seriously, it’s time to upgrade), and pondering the meaning of our existence, or whether we’ll ever make enough to afford landed property at Oxley Road. Of course, it just so happens that we’re entering the final phase of the June holiday period, where many of us rush to apply for leave with the speed of the Singapore Police Force arresting ofo bicycle abusers.

Before booking that last-minute holiday to enjoy before the month runs out though, I’d like to point out the importance of wearing a watch overseas, especially with the change in time zones confusing those of us who aren’t great at math. It’s key that you don’t wear your pricey timepieces in foreign lands, especially in places where you might get robbed at knifepoint, or if you’re just absent-minded in general.

That’s where our Aries Gold suggested timepiece list comes in, for when you’re travelling and want to take an Instagram pic of your watch on board the plane, preferably next to a window seat and captioned with something unfittingly profound (which we all know is just a not so subtle way to brag about your holiday). With our value-for-money, accessible luxury suggestions, there’s no need for heartache if you happen to lose your watch. If you’re travelling for work though, I understand your pain, but hey, there’s still the consolation of looking professionally dapper while meeting your work contacts abroad.

For the June holidays traveller:




For the reluctant overseas work traveller:


On the topic of travel, you may like to know that Aries Gold now has a presence in 28 countries, so our #wanderluster ambitions are still going strong, especially with ongoing international band collaborations (our Foo Fighters Hero timepiece is still highly sought after despite being sold out). Also, look out for our next limited edition masterpiece coming your way this October, because we promise that it just might cause some Armageddon ^^

-The Watchman