China Rising

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China is everywhere. Say what you want about how oppressive their government regime is, or how barbaric it is to still consume dog meat at the ongoing Yulin Dog Festival. But whether it’s Taobao, Alibaba, or that China national busy yakking away on the MRT at the top of his voice, you simply can’t escape their presence.

And so it’s a big deal that Aries Gold has gone against the tide, and set up our very first authorised dealer in the Middle Kingdom. They’ve dedicated their store to young, trendy shoppers flush with cash that the flourishing country seems to grow on trees, which can only be a good thing for us – provided the country’s lax intellectual property laws doesn’t lead to widespread copycats.

With Chinese citizens now one step closer to inspecting Aries Gold timepieces (and verifying that they’re getting the real deal), we hope that our designs catch on with them as quickly as an Indonesian forest fire spreads. That could mean possible tie-ups with Chinese celebrities in future. Imagine an Aries Gold x Jet Li kungfu edition timepiece in flashy gold. Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold?

For all you fans who’ve planned a Chinese getaway, you may wish to drop by our authorised distributor at [Insert address], so you can make it a moment to remember by being among the first in the world to visit the 28th country in the world with an Aries Gold brand presence. Upload a photo of yourself at the store and tag @ariesgoldwatches on Instagram, and we might just reward you with a timepiece too. See you there!

-The Watchman