On the Rise

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When in the land of the rising sun, what would you do? A walk down Harajuku dressed in your most psychedelic outfit (the one where your aunt said you look like a siao lang or crazy person)? A trip to the world-famous Tsukiji fish market to pick out the freshest seafood? Or perhaps, do as our Aries Gold community manager recently did and visit picturesque Hokkaido instead.

Last month, in the company of several friends, she set off for the northernmost Japanese main island, all wearing the Aries Gold accessories like the Lightning and couple watch Tango 1007 and Tango 1008. Like most females her age (it’s a secret of course), the whole bunch happily snapped Insta-worthy shots of watches, scenery, and delicious food – Singaporeans love our food after all.

Go on, admire these food shots and envision yourself in Hokkaido, indulging on only the finest dishes that’ll make you not want to have them anywhere else, because only originals taste best. You know what that has in common? Aries Gold originals always shine better than fakes.

Sorry I had to do some shameless product plugging, but the parallels are really there. See the super fresh seafood? Freshness is our key too, as the Aries Gold team continuously innovates to create affordable luxury. That’s why this Japanese holiday even happened, for our community manager to get fresh inspiration and some fresh air away from the office, before she comes back to more work of course, muahaha…

Anyway, we’re also giving fans a chance to be featured on our social media platforms and walk away with a free Watch of the Month. Simply upload your favourite photo of yourself with an Aries Gold timepiece, tag us @ariesgoldwatches and sign up for membership on our website. Before you know it, you might be saying arigato too!

-The Watchman