United State of Mind

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Hey… It’s a party in the USA! If you remember that hit song by Miley Cyrus, there’s even more reason now to keep the USA in mind, because Aries Gold is extending our global footprint to, you guessed it, America! In Asia, Alibaba continues to expand at a rapid pace, led by the astute vision and charisma of founder Jack Ma. And guess who his competitor across the Pacific Ocean, in the land of the free, is? If you’ve guessed it correctly again, yep, it’s retail giant Amazon, with the fiercely industrious Jeff Bezos at the helm. 

Now, what does Amazon, the largest online shopping platform in the USA, have to do with us this week? No, we’ve not just invested millions to become a prominent shareholder, although we wish that were the case. The thing is, in our bid to become more famous among the American population – not in a Xinmin Primary School PE teacher kind of way (if you know what I mean) – we’ve now partnered with Amazon to offer sophisticated timepieces across their digital platform, so accessible luxury becomes a real thing across all 50 states.

Even better news? Within the past 2 months since our Amazon launch, sales have been extremely promising, which has been very heartening, given the bleak state of retail across malls in America – some of which have started to look like Choa Chu Kang cemetery. With all that said, it’s our wish that more and more global citizens will gain access to Aries Gold in their country, so they can break out in style without breaking the bank.

From now till 31 July, we’d like to reward the fans that have always stood by us, so quote our online code USA when you visit H2 Hub outlets for an additional $10 discount off your favourite Aries Gold timepiece. Have fun everyone!

-The Watchman