Last But Not Least

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You know how some parents in Singapore make it sound like such a shameful thing to finish last, like you’ve brought shame to the entire family by committing some heinous crime? In the case of Aries Gold founder CK Woo, he’d beg to differ, seeing as he’s the last surviving authentic watchmaker in Singapore. And when I say last, I say it with pride, because nobody else locally comes close when talking about experience in the local watch scene. From its heyday (you know, when Casio was still considered a luxury), to the present where the industry has seen a radical shift in consumer tastes and demands, CK Woo has been a constant presence – learning to adapt every single step of the way.

So, with this whole wealth of expertise backing our Aries Gold team, we’re extremely proud to announce that we will represent Singapore in the upcoming Munich International Watch Fair from 18 – 21 Feb 2017. Think of it as an event similar to E3 for gaming geeks, or the European Cup for footballing nations, and you’ll get a sense of the prestige involved. You may wonder, what is it that we do there? For starters, there’ll be showcases of our bestsellers, and networking sessions where we enlighten people regarding our background and upcoming technological innovations. If you were wondering whether there’s any hobnobbing with CEOs over a local Bavarian brew or two, you’d be disappointed to know that we’ve only time to work, work, work, work, work. Oi, we’re Singaporeans lah, where got time to enjoy?

After Munich, we’re also pencilled in for an appearance at the Basel International Watch Fair in March, with more pit stops scheduled at future watch fairs. I know how much it sounds like a glamourous globetrotting lifestyle, but let me tell you: it’s really, really exhausting. To our dearest fans at home, what I can advise you to do, is to stay tuned in your comfy recliner (how I could do with one now) for more updates from the last of the watchmaking specialists – Aries Gold. Oh, and flash this blog post for $10 off any Aries Gold timepiece at your nearest H2 Hub outlet; it’s our belated Valentine’s Day treat!

-The Watchman