Steel as Good as New

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If you’ve been a regular follower of our blog, you’d know how most Aries Gold watches come equipped with a stainless steel strap – pre-polished to shining perfection because it’s the basic every watch wearer deserves. Trust me, you have no idea the pride you’d feel at the CNY dinner table when that boastful aunt looks at your brand new sparkling timepiece in envy – hey, your son may have scored 4 A’s for the PSLE, but I’m the one with the real swag, yo.

And while I’m not in the position to advise you about how to make a dull relationship shine again (I’m sorry but that’s Dr Phil or Oprah territory), what I can do is impart my knowledge on how to keep the stainless steel on your watch looking as good as new again. So here are some steps you can keep your Aries Gold piece shining like an NS recruit’s Kiwi-ed boots.

First, what you need to prepare for cleaning is a toothbrush, soft washcloth, glass cleaner or vinegar, and some baking soda.


1. Wipe the Surface
Begin with wiping down the watch with a soft washcloth before applying the glass cleaner or vinegar. Wipe in small circular motions to remove any smudges or dirt on the watch face.

2. Clean the Parts Separately
Detach your watchband from the watch face and clean both parts separately. Apply a small amount of baking soda to a clean, wet cloth and rub directly onto the band, avoiding the watch face. For stubborn dirt deposits in the watchband, clean with a toothbrush soaked in glass cleaner or vinegar.

3.Rinse and Reconnect
Give the detached watchband a thorough water rinsing, then use a wet washcloth to wipe any residue off the watch face. Then, dry the components individually and proceed to reconnect them.

For those of you with our Aries Gold colour-plated watches, it’s best to use a dry spectacle cloth to clean, taking into consideration these precautions:

  • Put on after you’ve applied your perfume or lotion
  • Don’t swim while wearing your colour-plated watch
  • Clean your plated watch gently, and don’t rub using excess force
  • Store gold-plated watches in a pouch or soft cloth separate from other watches

There you go for this week, and here’s wishing you folks a belated Gong Xi Fa Cai; I’ve been too busy at the mahjong table, but I promise to check in soon again.

-The Watchman