Aries Gold Boleh!

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For most Singaporeans, our encounters with Malaysia is usually limited to trips across the Causeway to shop in Johor Bahru, especially with the strength of the Singapore dollar giving us more purchasing power. But this week, I would like to draw your attention to another part of the Malaysian Peninsula, where Aries Gold has just gained more outreach; and that’s none other than the capital of Kuala Lumpur – home to the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and now 4 new Aries Gold locations at Midvalley, Pavilion, KLCC and Sogo.


Needless to say, this would not have been possible without the support of our Malaysian fan base, most of whom are youngsters who appreciate how our brand has opened the doors to accessible luxury. Perhaps that’s why Aries Gold watches are selling fast over there, given how they don’t enjoy the freedom to spend on exorbitant handbags like the PM’s wife, or how they just cannot provide enough coconut magic to earn big money for what essentially works out to a bunch of untruths. Nonetheless, we always aim to provide a dash of style and youth appeal for our neighbours at good value; that’s the least we can do for often popping over to savour KL-style char kway teow or the irresistible Penang laksa (forget about those Singaporean imitators, nothing beats the real thing, trust me). And so we present to you our always-stylish influencers and an invitation to win an Aries Gold timepiece. Simply like your favourite photo below and leave a comment on why you think #AriesGoldBoleh


Team Aries Gold (Malaysia)

Venice Min


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